Happy National Weatherman’s Day!

February 5th is National Weatherman’s Day!

Why Celebrate?

The weather affects our daily lives. It determines what we wear, what activities we can do outdoors, and what transportation we can use to get where we need to go. Different regions of the world experience different weather patterns, and unless you’re a hermit and never leave your house, these weather patterns are important to know about.

The thing is, weather is oftentimes unpredictable. From one day to the next, and sometimes one hour to the next, the weather can change dramatically. From tornados to blizzards, the job of a weatherman (or woman) is to help us predict what the weather should be so that we can plan accordingly. And even though oftentimes they seem to be wrong, you gotta respect how difficult of a job it is!

National Weatherman’s Day was created to commemorate the birth of America’s first weatherman, John Jeffries, who was born on February 5th in 1744. He was in charge of keeping weather records up until 1816! That’s way before the Weather Channel became a thing. And also way before so many technological advances in meteorology.

How to Celebrate

Watch the Weather Channel. I actually find it pretty entertaining. Especially Storm Chasers.

And if you know a meteorologist or weatherman, thank them for their hard work and dedication!

Song of the Day

From the movie Groundhog Day, this song is dedicated to all weathermen out there!

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