Happy National Nut Day!


Are you nuts about nuts? We’re talkin’ hazelnuts, chestnuts, palm nuts, walnuts, acorns, almonds, pine nuts, cashews, coconuts, pistachios, pecans… the list goes on, but does NOT include peanuts, which are legumes (from the pea family). As Americans, the top three nuts we nom on are almonds, walnuts, and pecans. California is the largest producer of tree nuts (and let’s be honest: probably the main source of health nuts and political nuts as well). Approximately one in ten of us eats nuts, or a nut product, at least once a day. That’s impressive. Nuts are also a huge part of many vegan and vegetarian diets. That being said, nut allergies are also widespread here in the states. I’m sure you’ve seen the familiar “may contain nuts” disclaimer on many wrappers. Nut allergies are no joke!

Tree nuts are an awesome source of plant protein, and have been known to prevent heart disease and lower cholesterol. So yeah, that’s right: When I’m eating those dark chocolate almonds with sea salt, I am totally doing it for my health. It’s a sacrifice.

How to Celebrate

Make a nutty treat. My favorites include almond brittle, pecan pie, and coconut chews. There are so many incredible recipes online, so use today as an excuse to find a new one to try. Go nuts.

In the UK, they celebrate National Nut Day today to advocate Fairtrade nuts and promote healthy living. Likewise, you can use today to become more aware of where your food is coming from. Where exactly are your nutty snacks sourced?

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