Happy National Hugging Day!

January 21st is National Hugging Day!

Why Celebrate?

I’ve been told I’m a great hugger. Not to brag, but that means a lot to me. I like having the reputation of being super friendly. I know that it makes some people uncomfortable, so I try to make a quick judgement in my head before going in for the hug. Because let’s be honest, there isn’t much that is more awkward than reaching for a big, arms open wide hug, while your target puts their hand out for a handshake. Or even worse, the stiff hug receiver. I don’t like being put in that weird, awkward moment, as much as the other person probably hates that unwanted hug. All of that being said, I think hugs are the best.

I found a quote on the National Hugging Day website (yes, there is a website) that really sums up why this holiday is so important:

“NATIONAL HUGGING DAY is a different form of sharing. We’ve got more than our quota of whiners and far too few huggers these days. Most of us have a little person inside who needs human contact in this stainless steel, computerized society where we are kept at arms length.” – Chris Thompson, former Saginaw News (MI) columnist

How to Celebrate

Hug a friend! A neighbor! A coworker! If you need an excuse, “It’s National Hugging Day!” is a pretty darn good one. We so often take our lives for granted, as well as the lives of those we love. Embrace a loved one that you haven’t hugged lately. Human touch is so important and so easy to neglect in our everyday lives.

I would like to take a moment to review a law of nature that many fail to accept. Some people love hugs, and some people would rather jump off a cliff. Let’s face it, some people are not huggers, and this does not make them bad or unfriendly. We all have varying levels of “personal bubble”, but even in the spirit of this wonderful holiday, it is important to acknowledge these differing levels of acceptable human contact. If you know that someone is not going to appreciate a hug, a smile will do. ?

Video of the Day

Does someone need a hug?

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