Happy National High-Five Day!

April 17th is National High-Five Day!

Why Celebrate?

The third Thursday in April is a day for high fives. A day for high-fiving your neighbor as you walk past their apartment. A day for high-fiving your coworker as you pass them on the way to the water cooler. A day for high-fiving a random person in the grocery store who happens to like the same blend of coffee as you. Today, high fives should be your main form of greeting, congratulation, and display of agreement or general satisfaction. The high five is a wonderful way to send a non-intrusive and encouraging salutation to your fellow man.

But what happens when you go in for the high five, and the high five recipient doesn’t reciprocate? What if you are left hanging? This is an awkward situation that you are bound to face today as you venture around spreading good cheer in the form of high fives. Some people just aren’t with it, and it’s not your fault. Here are a few options of how to deal with high five rejection:

  1. Turn it into a dance. I find that dancing it out seems to get me out of many awkward situations.
  2. Grab their hand and make them high five you back. YOU WILL NOT IGNORE ME! I will not be left hanging!
  3. Could’ve had a V8” them. Not your best option but I can guarantee that they will be disoriented enough to forget that you were trying to give them a high five in the first place.
  4. Pretend to wave at someone behind them. Oh you? I wasn’t trying to high five you. I was just waving at my friend, no big deal.
  5. Run your hand through your hair. Smooooooth.
  6. Run away. When all else fails…

How to Celebrate

High five anyone and everyone that you can. Unless you think it will get you into trouble. Personally, I have a really boss, so she won’t mind a high five when I get in to work. But some bosses may see it as a disrespectful or flippant behavior. Give your high fives with care. Check out these ten different types of high fives for reference.

Video of the Day

Learn how to high five in different situations from Barney Stinson, naturally. Wait for it

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