Happy National Fritters Day!


National Fritters Day. Just when you started your post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas detox. I know, I know. I’m sorry. Push the treat police in your head aside for today, because today is a day worth celebrating.

A fritter is a fried food, usually containing a filling of bits of meat, seafood, or fruit. When I think of a “fritter”, I immediately picture a fresh, warm, sweet apple fritter, of the donut shop variety. You know, that amazing cinnamon melt-in-your-mouth goodness that comes in that huge lump and looks like a bunch of glazed donuts got in a fight with each other? That one.

Other popular examples of fritters include clam cakes, crab cakes, corn fritters, Burmese bayagyaw (small fritters made of black beans and curry leaves), and banana fritters. If you order fish and chips in Great Britain, you will probably find some fitters included as a side, and it will consist of a slice of potato, a pineapple ring, an apple ring, or mushy peas.

How to Celebrate

Eat a fritter! Whether it be an apple fritter from your local bakery, or a fritter recipe you make at home, prepare your taste buds for a short, well-deserved hiatus from your donut-free diet.

Quote of the Day “So do not fritter away your days. Sooner than you fear, you will stand before a mirror in a care home, look at your body, and think, E.T., locked in a ruddy cupboard for a fortnight.” – David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Featured image via ShutterStock