Happy National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!

December 16th is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!


I’ve always been a purest. I don’t like it when two different foods touch each other on my dinner plate. I don’t like yogurt with pieces of fruit on the bottom. I don’t even enjoy putting ketchup or mustard on my corn dog. Furthermore, I don’t appreciate reaching into my box of See’s chocolate and biting into a fruity disaster disguised in dark chocolate. I mean, give me a break. If I wanted fruit, I wouldn’t have grabbed the box of chocolate in the first place. All of that being said, as of last Christmas, I am a changed person. For the first time, I experienced the joy of dipping various foods into a chocolate fountain. And I have never looked back.

The nice thing about chocolate is that it compliments so many different flavors so well. From chocolate covered pretzels to chocolate covered espresso beans, sweet, salty, and savory items can all be dipped. Speaking as a former purest, I can attest to the fear of mixing flavors. But on that fateful Christmas Day, opening my mind to trying the magic that is a chocolate fountain made me a chocolate covered convert. Chocoholics, rejoice! For today, we celebrate the treat of dipping anything in chocolate.

How to Celebrate

If you don’t have access to a chocolate fountain, you can still have some chocolate dipping fun. Look up melted chocolate recipes and instructions and gather your favorite foods to dip in chocolate. Make it healthy and dip strawberries, pineapple spears, or really any fruit. Or go decadent and dip marshmallows, cookies, and cakes. You can really dip almost anything in chocolate and it will be delicious.

Quote of the Day

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
– Charles M. Schulz

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