Happy Incredible Kids’ Day!

When I was little, the most incredible thing I ever did was read an essay I wrote about Grandma Moses to my elementary school at an assembly. Then came YouTube, and boy did that show me up! It seems like every day there is a new video of a tiny tot doing something incredible worth noting.

This year we brought you Dylan Siegel, the little boy who sold chocolate bars to help his friend, Jude, the face-planting baby, Petey Rojas, the 4-year-old chef. And we can’t forget B-Girl Terra, the 6-year-old break dancing wonder or Titus, the 2-year-old who schooled Kimmel at basketball or last but not least, The Kid President! The list just keeps going on and on and on! THANK YOU INTERWEB!

Well this week, another girl showed us what kids are really made of. In honor of Incredible Kids’ Day, I give you Sierra Shoemaker of Selma, California. She was in a spelling bee recently and was disqualified for spelling a word wrong. But she actually spelled it right! It was the judges who were wrong!! HOW COOL IS THAT? I can barely spell my own name, so being able to out-spell “The Word Master” is the most INCREDIBLE thing in my book! Check out this video of how she finally got the credit she deserves!


Featured Image via ScribbleBlog.com