Happy Fun at Work Day!

January 28th is Fun at Work Day!

Why Celebrate?

I am fortunate enough to love my job. I am one of the super lucky ones that got a job right after graduating. It’s rare, I know that. And not only that, I got a job within the field that I went to school for. That is super rare. So needless to say, I am very thankful for the work that I get to do. And even on bad days, I try to remind myself that I really am living the dream.

That being said, even if you aren’t so happy with your job, or if you don’t exactly have a job in the traditional sense, everyone does some sort of work. Students, moms, those in pursuit of a job… “work” comes in many forms. It is easy to fall into a slump and look at our work as the pits, a real drag. And sometimes the work we find ourselves doing is less than ideal. Today, let’s have fun at work. Let’s embrace our job, whatever it may be, with a positive attitude, a joyful spirit, and make something good of it. Because really, as Mary Poppins said, “With every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and – SNAP – the job’s a game!”

How to Celebrate

Bring some cookies in to the office. Write a thank you note to your favorite professor. Pick up donuts and coffee for your study group. Squeeze your kiddos a little tighter. No matter what you do, take a moment to enjoy where you are in life, and have some fun!

Video of the Day

“Make work your favorite. Work is your new favorite.”

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