Happy Friday: Kylie Jenner bestowed us with a sneak peek of new Kyshadows

Before you go on your merry way and dive into your weekend plans of birthday parties, late nights at bars, and quiet snuggling in the comfort of your apartment, it’s imperative that we tell you that Kylie Jenner just teased us with a new sneak peek of her new Kyshadows, and as usual, we are caught in the unknowing suspense of wondering when these will be released so we can buy them before they sell out. The shades mysteriously revealed to tease us include reds, coppers and golds, but what exact shades will they assume when applied to our faces?!

Now you have a beauty-related mystery to ponder during your weekend adventures, and possibly for the rest of your life, because who knows when Jenner will actually release the new Kyshadows?!

The teaser visuals shows a glammed-up illustrations of tears: Are these based on the tears Jenner provokes every time she teases us?

It would make sense, although anyone with tears that pretty is clearly trouble.


Ooh, it appears we won’t have to wait in suspense much longer! Thanks to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, we now know to mark our calendars for October 20th, when The Burgundy Palette launches!


Now that you have answers, go out and enjoy the weekend!

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