Here’s what we’ll see in “Happy Endings” Season 4 — if it ever happens

Our beloved Happy Endings did not have a happy ending. That’s because ABC, realizing that the show was simply too perfect for this world, canceled it after three seasons, leaving us forever wondering what happened to the likes of Alex, Dave, Jane, Brad, Max, and Penny. Are they still happy? Are they still brunching every single day? Is Steak Me Home Tonight still alive and kicking? So many questions.

Many of them will probably never be answered (I KNOW, IT’S TRAGIC), but it still could happen. Ever since going off the air back in 2013, the show has enjoyed a will-it-won’t-it-come-back saga. The entire series is currently streaming on Hulu right now, and over the weekend at The Vulture Festival, its revival was addressed once again. According to co-creator David Caspe, a good idea and reason for a revival — probably on a streaming service, just saying — hasn’t happened yet. false

“I think if someone would actually let us do it the real way, that everybody would want to do that,” he told the crowd. “But we have not gotten that offer.”

So while a fourth season of Happy Endings might never happen, the plot of it is already laid out. Really! The Vulture Festival brought the whole cast back —Eliza Coupe, Zachary Knighton, Damon Wayans Jr., Elisha Cuthbert, Casey Wilson, and Adam Pally — to riff on their hypothetical futures:

– Alex and Penny would have gotten married, for real, at the end of Season 5, because that’s what ABC wanted.

– Season 4 would have explored Dave and Penny together, “because that was something that we were playing around with,” Caspe explained (Season 3 greatly hinted at this happening).

– Max would probably be working in politics, with Wilson adding, “Campaigning for Trump.” Let’s speculate that Max would have totally been working for Trump, but also totally ironically.

– That’s not the only thing happening with Max. From Pally himself, “Max thinks he has AIDS and Penny thinks he looks good because he’s lost a lot of weight.” Oh, well that escalated quickly.

– As for Penny: “She has sex with Max [to get AIDS] and then she gets pregnant and Max has to tell her he doesn’t have AIDS. Then they raise a child together.

Yeah, we’d 1,000% watch all of that. If you need a Happy Endings substitute right now, you can watch the full Vulture panel here. And here’s to the magical idea ofSeason 4. May it one day see a streaming service.