Here’s one more tiny sliver of hope that “Happy Endings” will return

It’s been like three weeks since someone last threw out into the world, “HEY, MAYBE HAPPY ENDING SHOULD COME BACK?” so it’s about time that idea started circulating again. Hey, maybe Happy Endings should come back?

Today’s douse of Happy Endings hope comes straight from Eliza Coupe, who played the powerful, Type-A Jane. We’ve all heard the prior rumors of a revival before, like how Hulu was gonna bring it back, and then how someone told Casey Wilson (who played Penny) that they were just going to cut her a giant check to get a new season made. Neither has happened — YET.

Well, now Coupe is saying that she’s going to finance a Happy Ending revival herself. She’s joking, of course (and also, sadly). But it doesn’t hurt starting this rumor, right?

“Do I need to finance it? I got some money. I feel like I should…Eliza Coupe is going to finance Happy Endings coming back, that’s a hilarious rumor,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “Let’s put it out there that I’m going to finance it, and then what we’ll do is when everyone is like, ‘Oh, where is the money?’ I’ll just be like, ‘Oh, we need to get financers.’ And then it will be well, we’re already in motion so somebody will jump in. No, that would never work, but let’s put it out there.”


Ugh, such a good idea, are you listening, WORLD?

If that’s not enough to get you excited about the prospect of a revival (that still, may never actually happen, and we can cry about that later), Coupe then gushed about how much she loved the show, and loved Jane.

“[Coming together again] would be amazing if we could keep going, even if it was just like a stupid little miniseries or movie. Why not? You can’t deny a really good show and people are finding it, too, because I think it was ahead of its time. I think now the jokes are still really relevant, I think the characters and the content are even weirdly more relevant now than when it was made, which I think is kind of cool.”

So…who’s gonna be the one to truly volunteer to bring Happy Endings back? We’re waiting.