Happy Ear Muff Day!

Ah, yes. The celebration of a warm and adorable invention. If the cold winter months are still keeping you down, I’m sure you are very thankful for this accessory. Ear muffs are especially wonderful for those of us that can’t rock a beanie without it flattening the day’s ‘do.

Holiday origins as told by the interweb: Big-eared Chester Greenwood is the father of the Earmuff. Greenwood patented the “Champion Ear Protector” on March 13, 1877. It later became known as “ear mufflers”, and was eventually shortened to “earmuffs”.

In honor of this super cute holiday, please enjoy the above slideshow of celebs in ear muffs, pets in ear muffs and some wacky ones too.

Ears of America: Stay warm out there.

Featured image via destructoid

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