Happy Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day!

February 11th is Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day!

Why Celebrate?

“Don’t cry over spilled milk!” is a common saying that dates back to 1888, though the origins for this phrase go back 350 years! Though the phrase can be used literally, it is usually what you might say to someone who is feeling sorry for themselves for a silly, insignificant reason. Ugh, I burned the toast again. My life is ruined. Is it now? Is your life really ruined? I can’t believe she just spilled her coffee on my new sweater. I hate her. She’s the worst. Okay whoa, let’s take a minute. Breathe.

It’s a good reminder to keep yourself in check. I don’t know about you, but I find myself having “first world problems” almost daily. It’s healthy to shake off the issues that don’t really matter in the long run, because life is too short to stress over silly situations.

How to Celebrate

Keep things in perspective today. Try to stay positive despite the little things that may irk you, or seem to put a wrench in your plans. Encourage others to do the same.

Quote of the Day

“You know, you only get to live life once, so there are two things that that yields. One is that there’s no point in crying over spilt milk, but secondly you hate wasting time, energy, and whatever talent you’ve got.” – David Miliband

Featured image via ShutterStock