Happy Blame Someone Else Day!

June 13th is Blame Someone Else Day!

We are all guilty of this. Sometimes, when the going gets tough, it’s easier to find someone else responsible for the problem at hand than to own up to our shortcomings.. From passing gas at your desk and blaming it on your new intern desk buddy, to leaving the carton of milk on the counter and shaming your roommate’s friend from out-of-town, we all find ways to shift the blame in uncomfortable situations. Today, you have a valid excuse for playing the blame game. Before you go ahead and blame everyone else for everything today (which could potentially end in broken friendships, ruined reputations, and even loss of employment), let’s review 5 situations in which it is A-ok to blame someone else.

  • When you ate the whole thing. Community treats and snacks are meant to be enjoyed by the whole community. Though we all have days when we know we could totally own that bag of Cheetos, all by ourselves. It all happens so quickly and before we know it, all that remains of that last fluorescent orange crunch of cheesiness are a few crumbles at the bottom of the bag. Blame it on the new intern. Because it’s not a big deal, let’s be honest. And poor Joe probably doesn’t know the office kitchen community snack rule. His reputation won’t suffer. He probably won’t even work here long-term. You have much more to lose.
  • When you turned the bathroom into a gas chamber. It’s embarrassing, but we’ve all been there. And it’s taken you a while to even warm up to the idea of going more than just “number one” at the office. So you ate a big lunch, and you just gotta go. And when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. Of course, there will be someone waiting for the bathroom after you’re done, so be ready with the excuse, “Oh man, whoever was in here before me really dropped a bomb. Good luck!” It works every time, and no one gets hurt because you aren’t using specifics.
  • When you did a job too well. “Wow, you sure finished that project quickly!” Seems great at first, but then you realize that this could lead to some unhealthily high expectations of your work turn-around time. By saying “oh, well Anne was a great help to me on this project,” you are shifting the “blame,” while also boosting her reputation. And protecting yours. Seems like a win-win situation to me!
  • When you forget something important at home. Forgot your glasses? Or your cellphone? Or the notes for your important meeting? Blame your cat. She’s always knocking things off of other things and hiding them in impossible places. Serves her right. Her reputation isn’t important, anyways. Everyone already knows she’s a self-serving diva.
  • When you’re caught in the middle of an embarrassing habit. From nail-biting, to loud sighing, to saying “like” too many times, all of these things can easily be blamed on whoever you “learned” the habit from in the first place. “Uggggh, I’m smacking my gum like a monkey again. You should have heard my roommate in college smack her gum. I can’t believe I picked that up from her. Gross.” As long as your dear roomie remains nameless, no harm, no foul.

Please remember to use discretion while blaming others today. Only silly and non-harming blaming allowed! <3
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