Happy (Early) Birthday, @MindyKaling

Alright, this is a very important birthday for me. This lovely lady is super inspirational to me and has helped me continue writing and pursue what makes me creative. She’s a HelloGiggles contributor and we all love her here. Ladies and gents, it’s Mindy Kaling’s birthday! I’d start writing out her life stats, but that would mean you haven’t read her book, and that means I can’t speak to you until you either buy it NOW or request a hold on it at your local library.

Mindy first came on my radar when she wrote for The Office and also played Kelly on the show. I’m seriously not lying when I say Kelly was always my favorite character. Mindy left the show to start her own show, The Mindy Project. By the way, while she’s writing and acting on TV shows, she also finds time to show up in movies, do fabulous photoshoots, be a boss AND have some frozen yogurt, as well. She’s one of my favorite people and one of the only celebrities that I cried in front of when I got my book signed. Mindy totally didn’t judge me and instead hugged and comforted me.

I hope she has a wonderful birthday and keeps inspiring women to be themselves and never stop going after what they want.

Image via StyleBistro

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