Happy Birthday, Katy Perry!

This week is a big month for Katy Perry! On Tuesday the 22nd, her third album, Prism hit the shelves and today, it’s her 29th birthday. She’s come a long way since we first heard ‘I Kissed A Girl’. Now she has numerous awards and nominations (including nine Grammy nominations) and she’s the only artist to spend 69 consecutive weeks in the top ten of the Hot 100… not to mention she even has a film, Katy Perry: Part of Me, under her belt (which I may or may not have cried during [I definitely cried]).

Katy’s new album, Prism, is just as fun and packed with hits like its predecessor, Teenage Dream, and I can’t wait until I know them all by heart. So happy birthday, Katy Perry! You are talented, cool and just plain awesome.

So before this turns into a full out Katy Perry appreciation post, tell me, what are your favorite Katy Perry songs? Tell me below! Currently my favorite is her new single, ‘Unconditionally’.

All images from Katyperrylicious.tumblr.com.