Happy Birthday, Emma Stone—the lady with the perfect reaction to EVERYTHING

Today is not only #TGIT, but it also happens to be November 6th, which is Emma Stone’s birthday!  She turns the big 2-6, and I hope Andrew Garfield has organized something Spice Girls related to help ring in her new year. If I could be invited to that birthday bash I would go in a heartbeat. Emma is one of my very best Internet best friends and she deserves to have the best day ever. She is completely down to earth, isn’t afraid to make a fool of herself, supports wonderful causes and charities, and makes some of the best facial expressions, which are suitable for every day life. So, in lieu of a present for Emma, here’s something she’s given us: the very best reaction .gifs for ever day life. These are perfectly suitable for the next time words just won’t cut it in a text conversation.

1. For when you can’t believe what just came out of someone’s mouth

2. For when you’re so hangry you could eat the silverware

3. For when you’re watching a Game of Thrones episode

4. For when something smells really bad

5. For when you’re processing what just happened on Scandal

6. For when you’re feeling like a boss

7. For when you think there might be a Spice Girl (or any other fandom) in the building

8. For when you know you’ve nailed it. *Drops mic*

9. For when you forgot to do something kind of important

10.  For when you’re “playing it cool” with your crush/actually super awkward with your crush

11. For when you’re too busy to talk, because you’re jammin’ out to your favorite song

12. For when Spiderman has disappointed you one too many times

13. For when you’re over it/can’t even

14. For when you just watched the cutest cat video you’ve ever seen

15. For when you’re just hanging out with Ryan Gosling

Happy birthday, Emma! We love you!

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