Happy Birthday, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson!

Apparently some people call this man “The Rock” still, but for those of us (ladies, usually) who adore him based on his awesome family films and not necessarily his wrestling careerI bring to you:

The 10 Reasons I Love Dwayne Johnson

1. His initials are DJ. You know how I love initials, and you know how I love DJ (Tanner).

2. He is 6’4″. Not only is that fairly tall, but 64 has long been my favorite number because I love Nintendo 64s. They are the ultimately superior gaming system.

3. His eyebrows are to die for.

4. His daughter is a Leo.

5. Um, dimples. He’s got the best dimples on Earth.

6. Elliot Wilhelm, one of the funniest characters in recent cinematic history.

7. The genre Dwayne Johnson Family Film. If you haven’t seen Tooth FairyThe Game Plan, Race to Witch Mountain or Journey 2, you are missing out on Dwayne.

8. Fast Five broke three separate box office records: biggest April opening, biggest opening in 2011 and it earned Universal its biggest opening weekend to the current date. And it was the biggest opening for any of the movies in its franchise. What does Fast Five have that the other four didn’t? Dwayne mothershutyourmouth Johnson.

9. Oh…annnnnnnnd, he’s really, really attractive. Really, really.

10. He is rumored to be one of our First Lady’s favorite actors, which makes him absolute perfection. Swooooooooon.Featured image drivenetwork, via N64 image via wikimedia, eyebrows image via filmschoolrejects, Tooth Fairy image via collider.com, Superman image via squidoo.

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