Swooning over the earliest Brad Pitt roles, because it’s his birthday

Here’s something that might shock you: Brad Pitt turns 51 today. Yeah, I know. It’s crazy.

Nowadays when you think of Brad, you probably immediately think of Angie, their gorgeous brood of kids, his work in Ocean’s 11 or Mr. & Mrs. Smith or Benjamin Button or Moneyball. But, this guy has been acting since the early ’80s, and has been just as adorable and charming and talented for all of those years.

Back then he wasn’t the Hollywood elite he is now. ’80’s (and early ’90s!) Brad Pitt still had a career to get off the ground. He had a boyish grin, perfectly floppy bleached blonde hair, and a general cool cowboy-meets-Hollywood vibe that was seriously dreamy. In case you have forgotten, here’s a quick reminder of a few of his best early roles. You know, those roles that made the world take notice of that great new young actor Brad Pitt.Dallas (1988) 


was an ’80s soap opera staple, and cute Brad’s cameo as young Randy is enough to make our hearts go pitter patter. This scene also involves his girlfriend’s dad telling the young couple they can’t study in each other’s rooms. D’aaaaw. P.S. Thank you, television gods, for the close up circa 0:35. Cutting Class (1989) 

Again we get Brad Pitt as a high schooler, this time on the run from a murderer targeting the local high school. Perfectly floppy hair once again reigns SUPREME. Happy Together (1989) 

Double the trouble. First there is Brad Pitt looking absolutely ’80s flawless, and that other face you vaguely recognize? That’s our sweet Patrick Dempsey, decades before his McDreamy days. Johnny Suede (1991)

That hair. That jacket. That boyish charm. All reasons to check Brad Pitt out in Johnny Suede. Could this clip also be the start of Pitt’s career-long journey of eating on camera?

Thelma and Louise (1991) 


Call this his big break, the rest of the world did! One of the first times the entirety of planet Earth realized that Pitt was seriously swoon-worthy, he was wielding a hairdryer as a pretend weapon. Sure, he was a small time criminal, but how can you not fall in love with him every time he puts on that cowboy hat? (Also, that accent! Those abs!)

A River Runs Through it (1992)

Oh, do you need to watch a coming of age story about Pitt growing up in Montana? Yeah, you do. Just a warning, you’ll probably cry.

Cool World (1992)

Perhaps a little too freaky, but if you had questions about what Mr. Pitt was doing in 1992 your answer is here. And he still holds it down. Plus: that hair game.

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