Happy Birthday (Best Man Alive) Michael J. Fox!

Okay, anyone who knows me in real life or even on the Internet probably knows how much I love Michael J. Fox. The love affair shockingly did not stem from my love of Back to the Future (though I promise that’s a thing too), it actually came from stumbling upon the show Spin City one tired and lonely night in high school. It. Was. The. Best. Discovery. Ever. If you guys haven’t watched Spin City, you should. Michael Flaherty, Fox’s character on the show, is like the cutest, funniest man ever. To be honest, Fox is pretty much playing himself, so if you love him, you’ll love the show. (At least the first four seasons before Fox left and was replaced by *shudder* Charlie Sheen.)

Let’s get to it. Let’s get to celebrating Mr. Fox.

Things You May Not Have Known About Michael J. Fox on His 52nd Birthday

Fox plays the guitar, did you know?

And I don’t just mean as Marty McFly!

Fox writes books!

Fox has an incredibly important, successful wonderful foundation that he started, did you know?

Fox has four awesome kids, and Sam (his oldest) does a lot of work with the MJFF!

Fox golfs!

Fox does GAP ads!

AND! AND! AND! I think most importantly, if you didn’t know that Fox has a new television show premiering in the fall, now you know! Television just isn’t the same without Fox. Let’s get excited! And by “let’s,” I mean you guys should all join me in my excitement!

Featured image via fanpop, Guitar image via huffingtonpost, family and Lucky Man image via michaeljfox.org, golf image via golfdigest, GAP ad image via usmagazine, The Michael J. Fox show image via facebook.