Happy (belated) *NSYNC-iversary

Want to feel really, really, really old? If not, turn around. Close this window. Leave, exit, turn off your laptop and throw it across the room, get the hell outta here — because this fact is going to make you cry.

OK, I gave you adequate warning. So here it is: yesterday, *NSYNC turned 20 years old. On October 1st, 1995, Lance Bass became the last member to join *NSYNC, meaning our fave ’90s boy band that pretty much defined our childhood formed two decades ago today. So answer us this: how did time pass so quickly?! Don’t blink, because your life will flash before your very eyes. WHAT EVEN IS TIME.

OK, OK. So even though this fact makes us feel like we’re 100 years old, we do have a bit of hope on the horizon. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lance answered inquiries about a hypothetical future *NSYNC reunion / album, and his answer wasn’t ‘no,’ guys:

OH OUR HEARTS. We haven’t grown up either, Lance, promise. Anyway, as it is an *NSYNC-iversary, now seems like the perfect time to bask in the nostalgia, with a little video homage to our fave boy band in all of the ’90s.

(Image via RCA/Jive)


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