Happy 6th birthday, HelloGiggles!

Six years ago today (#Gemini), HelloGiggles was born! It all started with an idea baby between three rad women (Sophia Rossi, Zooey Deschanel, and Molly McAleer). Back in 2011, it was hard to find a positive space on the internet, a nook that didn’t make people feel badly about themselves, or attacked by anonymous humans in the comment section, or overwhelmed by snarky gossip. HG was created to be a solution to that: a safe community for women who could talk about everything from friendship, to women’s reproductive rights, to the perfect dry shampoo. The site went from being a tiny group of women operating out of CEO/boss queen Sophia’s apartment to a grownup office in Downtown L.A. with conference rooms(!!!), a Keurig, and endless vision boards. Six years later, we feel a little older and wiser — but we’re still the same site that aims to uplift and empower one another. We’ve made sure that we’re still a place that makes sure women’s voices are heard and celebrated.

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And you should check out all of our videos if you haven’t already. They will make you pee your pants in the best way.

Obvs, we wouldn’t be here without you, our readers and our network of contributors. You empower us, make us think harder about things that are hard to think about, make us laugh, and inspire us constantly. Thank you for your love and support.