Is Happn the next big thing in dating apps?

There’s no denying it: The Internet and smartphone age has completely revolutionized the way we date. If we want to find a new boo, all we have to do is pull out our phones and swipe right until find the right love. OK, well, maybe it’s not quite that easy, because let’s be honest: Random pairing, the core of apps like Tinder, doesn’t exactly work all that well. But there’s now a new app that may completely change our online dating game for the better.

Happn is the latest (and possibly, greatest) of dating apps, and it has a simple-yet-brilliant premise: Anyone who you happen to cross paths with throughout the day shows up on your timeline. You can also see where and when you met that person, and if you both ‘heart’ each other, you’ve officially matched and can begin talking it up.

There are several reasons why this could end up being totally amazing for our love lives. First of all, you’re bound to have something in common — which, as many of us have witnessed firsthand, isn’t exactly the case with Tinder. Perhaps you go to the same restaurants, or you have the same favorite coffee shop, or you both go to the same gym in the morning. Now you can do those things *together* (wink wink). And hello, icebreakers (instead of receiving a super awkward and uncomfortable pickup line).

Another benefit? If you’re at a party, and you notice someone who has totally caught your eye, but you’re too nervous to strike up the nerve to take the next step, you have a second chance (and protection behind a screen). And if you have a How I Met Your Mother moment, Ted-and-the-Slutty-Pumpkin style, where you somehow lose that person’s number (or, the modern-day equivalent: you put it in your phone wrong), you can easily check Happn and find that person.

Plus, you no longer have to trek across the city / county for a date. Happn may very well connect neighborhoods and help you get to know your own community better. . . and if that date doesn’t go so well, you can easily head back home.

Finally, the way the app actually works is pretty ingenious. You can’t get a message from someone you haven’t hearted, so you don’t have to worry about unsolicited messages from people you’re not interested in. Plus, you can always revisit anyone you’ve bumped into and heart them several days later, even if you weren’t initially interested. That sets Happn apart from apps like Tinder (we’ve all accidentally swiped left on someone we were totally interested in, shattering our lovelorn hearts).

Yeah, we’re pretty much sold. You can download Happn here and try it out for yourself. Tinder, you better watch your back.

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