What happens when a toddler asks Kim Kardashian why she’s famous

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian was on a career high. She announced that she would be on the cover of Forbes’ new July cover honoring The New Media Moguls and added the hashtag, “#NotBadForAGirlWithNoTalent“. Lol. But, later that day, Kim K found herself in hot water as she was (adorably) GRILLED about the validity of her career by a TODDLER.

The budding journalist, Sid, who is a friend’s son, starts off with a tough, almost existential inquiry. (The exchange was caught on Snapchat and discovered by Elle.)

Sid asks, “Why are you on the cover of magazines?” to which Kim responds, “Why am I? I don’t know. Because I like magazines.” Sid is not fooled. Check out the convo here:

Our favorite tyke interviewer then asks a softball (or is it, really?) question, “Are you famous?” She says, “Am I famous? I don’t like to use that term.” Hmmmmmmmm.

But Sid is not taking any prisoners. He fires off the next q: “How are you famous?” Kim stalls: “How am I famous? That’s up for question, too.

Sid’s mom then adds, “She’s got a big booty.” Oh lord.

Jokes aside, Kim K’s career is soaring, especially because of her new video game. “When the game launched,” writes Forbes, “Kardashian says, she was overwhelmed by the positive comments. Then it tallied $74.3 million in its first six months.” 74.3 MILLION. WHAT?!

Kim talks about the resistance she felt dabbling in tech: “When people looked at me in a way like, ‘Why is she stepping into the tech world? That’s not her territory! Stick to reality TV!’ I was like, ‘No,’ ” Kardashian recalls. “ This is fun for me. Now I’m coming up with Kimojis and the app and all these other ideas. I don’t see myself stopping.”

Keep at it, Kim. Maybe avoid toddler journalists, though.

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