How we will be affected by this month’s supermoon doubling as a Blood Moon

If you’ve been plugged into the internet’s astrological chatter the past few weeks, then you know something is brewing up there. The cosmos are beaming with energy right now, thanks to the first super full moon of the year falling on January 1st, and the last super full moon of the year falling on January 31st. Not only is January 31st’s supermoon a total lunar eclipse — it’s also a Blood Moon, because it’s the second full moon in a month. When you put these occurrences together, what you get is a cosmic cocktail of epic proportions.

Think of a supermoon as a full moon on steroids, as full moon energy revved up higher than normal.

If the full moon is when we focus on manifesting and illuminating our desires, then the supermoon is this energy magnified. According to, a supermoon occurs when the full or new moon is closest to the earth during its monthly orbit. When it’s a full supermoon, the moon can appear “30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than usual.” In other words, we get an even closer look at what we want, and we have the cosmos to support us as we claim it for ourselves.

Let’s not forget that this supermoon is also a Blood Moon.

When we asked astrologer extraordinaire and horoscope queen for Coveteur, Amelia Quint, about what the significance of this supermoon Blood Moon is, she said,

"Whenever one of the luminaries (that's astrology speak for the sun and the moon) darken, like during eclipses, it's considered an important omen. So as the moon turns red under a Blood Moon, it's a moment of foreshadowing that holds a lot of significance for what's to come in the near future. For more information on what it might be, pull a tarot card! Your intuition will be heightened, so the results should be very insightful."

Even if you don’t have your own tarot deck, you can use an online card puller, borrow a friend’s deck, or look on the internet to see what card catches your eye. Take time to sit with yourself and your intuition, and honor what comes up for you. As mentioned, this energy can feel intense, overwhelming, and even utterly draining. Surrender to however the moon tugs on the ocean of your soul. Give yourself some compassion, allow yourself to dive headfirst into these feelings. If it ends up being too much, remember that it too shall pass.

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