VIDEO: This is what happens when single people wear engagement rings for a week

For many men and women, things become super official in a relationship once the ring is present. But for those who are totally single, and don’t see marriage happening at least in the foreseeable future, wearing a ring on the prominent finger can be a little confusing, if not all-out strange. We all know that engagement and wedding rings hold some significance (as in, don’t try to chat up anyone at the bar who’s wearing one) but it’s truly fascinating to see how one piece of jewelry can totally change lives.

Buzzfeed Yellow put out a video that documented a few charismatic singles who decided to take on the challenge of sporting a ring for a full week.

For some, the ring wasn’t something that people caught onto quickly, which was humorous to those who figured the ring would be an automatic showstopper. Likely because an impromptu wedding (or quick Vegas trip) wasn’t mentioned in the conversation, those unaware of the experiment figured it was just for show.

For others, they realized how challenging food had become — whether it was eating a big plate of fries or preparing an avocado, the ring just made things a bit more difficult.

The biggest problem for everyone, actually, was trying not to lose the ring.

“How do people not lose their rings all the time?” participant Zach asked, as he managed to find his inside his car. Seconds later, he drops it in the toilet. Kelsey, another participant, also realizes later on that her wedding band is missing.

Are rings truly a problem? Maybe, if you’re not used to wearing them — and don’t have them properly sized, similarly to these Buzzfeed employees.

In short, all of the participants seemed pretty happy when the week was up. Zach summed it up pretty well, when he said “I think a wedding ring is a lot of responsibility, and I like not having responsibilities.” We hear you, Zach.

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