What happens when you send your boyfriend out to buy makeup

Some dudes are great with makeup. Some dudes wear makeup. And some of them don’t and have NO IDEA where to even START. Such was the case with this Imgur user, Blufiz, whose conversation about makeup-purchasing with his girlfriend has gone bonkers viral.

If you’ve never sent your significant other out to buy makeup for you, you may want to reconsider after reading the series of texts Blufiz posted on Imgur. He chose to simply entitle this hilarious masterpiece “GF sent me to get makeup.”

Cosmopolitan reveals that Blufiz’s adventure wasn’t off to a great start…


“My Beautiful Sunshine” was really trying her best, but alas…


Despite My Beautiful Sunshine’s worries, Blufiz valiantly continued on his quest for the perfect shade of “light bright matte.”


Alright, now we’ve definitely reached an obstacle here. Unfortunately, lipstick and nail polish are not the same thing.


Can someone please name a lipstick shade “Light bright” – despite how confusing it may be – in honor of this man’s journey through the makeup aisle?


Um… When did Blufiz have the time to craft this meme?! Shouldn’t he instead be searching for the ever-popular Light Bright?


Quick question: What does “waffle stomped” mean? Whatever it is, it sounds delicious.


A masterpiece within a masterpiece:


Blufiz is seriously getting off topic. I mean, come on! Little Foot? Where did you even find that?

Focus, man! We’re on a mission here!


Proof that capitalization is super important: “They have baby lips”


And just when we thought the journey was coming to a close… Plot twist:


“Glue stick?”


Well, they’ll never run out of glue. Just image all the Pinterest crafts they can attempt!


This conversation may just be *too good* to be real, but we hope it is. And that My Beautiful Sunshine got the products on her wish list.

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