What happens when you ask kids if Santa could be a woman

Not everyone celebrates Christmas or even believes in Santa, but the jolly old man is a legend around the world. With that in mind, Anomaly, an advertising agency with offices around the world, got into the Christmas spirit and decided to take on a rather festive social experiment. They interviewed British children and asked them something very, very important.

If Santa was a woman, could she do the job?

The kids are hilariously straightforward in the way that only kids can be, but their answers were unanimous and quite frankly, shocking: No.

When asked why a woman couldn’t do it, the children gave reasons like “she’d get lost in the sky” or “she wouldn’t be strong enough to carry the presents.” There was also talk about how a baby would get in the way of deliveries. Some of the kids looked downright appalled at the idea that Santa Clause could be a woman.

Anomaly has been sharing the video (and surrounding press) on Twitter accompanied with the hashtag #MoreWomen, which was the same hashtag behind a viral campaign the agency worked on for Elle UK earlier this year. It focused on calling for more women in positions of power and rallied against gender inequality.

No one can deny that the kids in this video are adorable, but their collective response is alarming. It’s definitely an eye-opener, and tells us that maybe we should focus on teaching our kids that women can be anything, even Santa.

(Image via Youtube)