These BFFs swapped boyfriends, and basically what you think would happen, HAPPENED

Ever wondered what it would be like to swap partners with your best friend? Buzzfeed took the ever-popular TV show Wife Swap and basically made it into reality when two best friends decided to swap partners for a day. The goal? To bring the couples closer together and give them a chance to learn about themselves as individuals and as a unit.


According to Buzzfeed, Buzzfeed staffers Safiya and Freddie swapped boyfriends for a day. First, the two pairs met over breakfast and chose an appropriate activity for each new “couple” to do that afternoon. And like every couple we know, this inevitably leads people to accomplishing some chores, like buying air freshener and picking up cat medicine.


It also led to one “couple” adopting a furry friend, which hey, signifies commitment if I’ve heard of it! While ultimately the dates were all in good fun, Saf did reflect that, “It was cool to see that the friendship was transferrable,” and I think that’s a good take-away from the experiment: It’s always a good sign when your partner gets along with your friends, and you know your group is a little closer and more unified because of it.

You can check out the full video here, courtesy of Buzzfeed:

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