Hanson’s music video for “Finally It’s Christmas” is everything you need it to be

Holiday grumps, beware: It’s officially the month of Christmas, and Hanson is here for us. The group released their second Christmas album in October this year, and get this: It follows their first Christmas album (not the shocking part), which was released in 1997, which was 20 freakin’ years ago. Sorry, we just really need to take a minute to process that with our fellow ’90s kids because holy wow do we feel old.

Not only did we get some holiday jams from Hanson, but they also just released a music video for “Finally It’s Christmas.”

To say we’re excited about it would be an understatement. There’s a serious nostalgia factor to Hanson in general, and their holiday music — and this video in particular — has us saying, ‘Tis the season!

When talking about the music video with Entertainment Weekly, Taylor Hanson said,

“We did that Christmas special 20 years ago with ABC, so we’re kind of pivoting off from that point. We sort of take you through [the past] and a little today, performing music like it’s from a Christmas special, and imagining what each of those eras looked like celebrating Christmas. It’s like time travel.

Time travel, Hanson, and Christmas music? We haven’t been so excited since last year’s Doctor Who Christmas special checked almost all of those boxes. (And we’re just sayin’, having Hanson guest star on the next DW Christmas special sounds like a great idea. You can have that one for free, BBC.)

Check out the “Finally It’s Christmas” video below.


BRB, going to get our Santa hats and jingle bells out of storage so we can fully get in holiday mode.