The Hanukkah/”Hamilton” mashup song you’ve always wanted is finally here

If your desire to listen to holiday music is warring with your desire to continue listening to Hamilton forever and ever and ever, we’ve got a SOLUTION FOR YOU. The Maccabeats, a Jewish a capella group phenomenon that will blow your minds, released a video where they sing a mashup of Hamilton songs a capella…but wait, it gets better. As a Jewish group, they changed the lyrics and instead of the American Revolution, tell the story of the Maccabean Revolt and it’s TOO GOOD.

Now you don’t HAVE to choose. You can have dope holiday music AND your favorite Hamilton jams all in one. What more could you POSSIBLY desire?

Literally nothing, that’s what. At first we thought we were most impressed with their a capella skills, but then we noticed how incredible their costumes are? And their sets? Like, they went allllll out, and we SO appreciate it. Probably the best part of the mashup, though, is how flawlessly they reworked the lyrics. We’re in awe.

If you, like us, have never heard of the Maccabeats before, we’re sure you — also like us — are a fan now. We have to give them major props; they did not throw away their shot.