Please enjoy this time-lapse video of two hangry puppies, because Monday

It’s Monday, and we’re all feeling a little groggy. So how better to start the week than with an adorable video of slippy-slidey puppies running for dinner? Because let’s be real, there’s nothing more happy-making than the sight of hungry puppies, with oversized feet, galloping towards the promise of snacks.

In this time-lapse video posted by YouTube user Cheese Pups, we get to see two Golden Retrievers grow up over the course of 9 months. While they may grow in size, they remain notably consistent in their approach to dinner. When they hear that tell-tale sounds of food hitting their (really awesome) bowls, they round the corner into the kitchen and nearly lose their footing in excitement. Yeah, it’s ridiculous and it’s totally worth a minute of your time.

See for yourself:

Bonus: Cheese Pups have their own Instagram account. Head on over and put your eyes on pictures like this:

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