Hang this on your wall when you’re bored and dreaming of vacation

We all have those days when we wish we could transport ourselves to somewhere else than we currently are. Whether it’s being stuck in a class listening to the world’s most boring lecture, on a nightmare first date, at work having the most terrible day of your life, or just wishing you could leave this planet and be beamed up to outer space, you might sigh and think to yourself, “I wish I could literally be anywhere but here.”

This felt pennant by Explorer’s Press perfectly displays that familiar sentiment. Hang it on your wall to gaze at while daydreaming of more exciting pastures. Or maybe, like me, you’ll just feel compelled to rent the Natalie Portman/ Susan Sarandon flick of the same name. (It’s the one where Natalie is pregnant and homeless and secretly lives inside of a Walmart that totally reminded you of your fantasy of getting stuck in a shopping mall overnight. You remember, right?)

And if you love that whole “wanderlust-wanderer”-type of vibe, check out this cute “Headed Somewhere” keychain and “Far From Home, Born to Roam” patch!

Anywhere But Here pennant, $20

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Product shots via Explorer’s Press.

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