This is the perfect gadget for anyone who hates selfie sticks, but still wants to take hands-free selfies

The once-popular selfie stick has arguably become one of the most annoying phone accessories out there. It got so bad that at the height of its popularity, major tourist destinations — like museums, music festivals, and Disney parks — implemented bans. Today, selfie sticks don’t seem quite as popular as they once were, but taking a hands-free selfie once in a while would still be nice. If you’re in the market for a gadget that will help you up your selfie game, the creators of the selfie stick have a new product to tempt you with.

The Selfie Stick-It is described as a “new way to magically convert any surface into a reusable instant photo or video booth.” In other words, it’s basically a smartphone mount that you can stick anywhere you choose. According to Mashable, you can attach it to wood, glass, mirror, marble, and more to take the perfect selfie or group photo.

Unlike its predecessor, the Selfie Stick-It claims to be lightweight and pocket-sized. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote control, so you can freely work your angles to create the best possible shot. They’re even Popsocket-friendly, if that’s something you already have attached to your phone.

The hands-free selfie gadget is available in multiple color options, and you can even convert it into a mini stand if you don’t have a good surface to stick it to.

We admit we’re kind of interested in this gadget — it means no friend has to be left out of any group photo, and nobody has to flag down a stranger to take a photo. So it could really make group photos super convenient without having to bug the people around you with a selfie stick.

It’s definitely a fun hands-free way to take selfies, and the price ($19.99) isn’t that bad. Besides, as Wayne Fromm, the inventor of the two products, told CBC News, the Selfie Stick-It will be “less annoying” than the selfie stick. So that’s always a plus.