Today in bleak “Handmaid’s Tale” news: Literally anyone can die in Season 2

With The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 fast approaching, the cast and producers behind the Emmy-winning Hulu series dropped inauspicious clues about what to expect from the highly anticipated sophomore run. The Handmaid’s Tale Season 1 finale had us all wondering where the characters will end up, and while the creatives can’t provide specific plot details, they guaranteed one thing — literally no one is safe.

"Anyone could die," executive producer Warren Littlefield revealed at the Handmaid's Tale PaleyFest panel on Saturday, March 17th. "The terrible thing about Gilead is that sometimes the worst-case scenario is that they don't die," showrunner Bruce Miller said.

Welp, talk about a wonderful way of hyping us up for the show.

They also expanded on how the Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 will cover events that aren’t included in the source material.

"It was a chance to explore what my initial reaction was to the book, which was, ‘Oh my gosh, what happens next?'" Miller told Entertainment Weekly. "Certain books you really feel like the end of the story is the end of the story; here, you almost feel like the book is the beginning of the story. So we really tried to follow our own curiosity and follow what we think is cool in the book that we didn’t get the chance to explore."

Some of the things that are yet to be explored are the Colonies, which will be unveiled in Episode 2, and the story of how Gilead came to fruition.

"'How did this happen? How did we go from what looks like America to Gilead?'" Littlefield said, along with a promise that it will all be explained in Season 2. "It was very interesting to us how something like this happens and how does the fist close on a really basic level," added Miller.

And to answer the question we’re all dying to know the answer to — what in the world happens to Offred?! — Miller said that she’ll only become more rebellious.

"Her character's a lot more of a rebel and feistier. She's having a lot more...trouble as Offred hiding June, so that stuff comes out more," he said at the panel. "She's also getting to know and building a relationship with Serena that, even though they wouldn't like it to turn out that way, is getting more honest."

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 premieres on Hulu on April 25th.

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