The “Handmaid’s Tale” trailer is the most horrifying 108 seconds you’ll watch today

Just a warning before you casually click play on the just-released Season 2 trailer for Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale: Things look seriously intense.

The award-winning drama has never exactly been relaxed, but the overall bleakness of Season 1 appears to have been notched up to all-out terror. The official Handmaid’s Tale trailer is a lot to take in, visually and emotionally. And because the show has now moved past Margaret Atwood’s novel that inspired the first season, it’s even harder to predict where June/Offred (Elisabeth Moss) and the others in this dystopian world are headed. But we do now have a few more hints (which, inevitably, lead to a lot more questions).

The Handmaid’s Tale trailer opens on June, presumably in the getaway van she stowed away in at the end of the first season.

"What will happen when I get out?" June's voice asks ominously. "There probably is no out. Gilead is within you."

Cue the heart-thumping music and dramatic cuts from scene to terrifying scene.

A few notable details you might have missed if you covered your eyes like we wanted to: groups of handmaids arranged in threatening formations, like ritualistic-looking concentric circles or what looks to be the set-up for a mass hanging; Emily (Alexis Bledel) working in deadly, mucky conditions in the Colonies; Fred (Joseph Fiennes) holding a gun to someone’s head in the woods; June reflecting on her lost daughter and husband (as well as the new baby she’s carrying); Moira (Samira Wiley) protesting and making out in dark rooms; Oscar-winner and new cast member Marisa Tomei (or, at least, we’re like 90 percent sure) doing…something.

We already know this season will explore the world beyond the Gilead we saw in Season 1 (The Colonies, for instance).

Plus, there will be plenty of flashbacks to put the characters and their actions in context. Other than that, it’s anybody’s guess what we can expect. Except for that previously mentioned overall sense of dread, of course. We’re going to go ahead and assume that’s a definite.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 premieres on Hulu on April 25th.

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