This handmade prom dress just won the Internet

It seems like prom season has been going on forever, but we absolutely couldn’t skip over Kyemah McEntyre’s entry into the Best Prom Dresses 2k15 roundup  — especially since she designed it herself.

McEntyre, a senior at Cicely Tyson School of Performing Arts in New Jersey, crafted a drop dead gorgeous, plunging patterned gown and topped it off with hair, makeup, and jewelry so on point that it could split a needle. Seriously, can you even look at her prom get-up without being physically stunned?

That whoosh you just heard? That’s the sound of the wind getting knocked out of you. Unsurprisingly, McEntyre’s classmates thought she looked like a queen too, and even bestowed the Prom Queen title on her.

But McEntyre’s story doesn’t end there — and the dress’s beauty extends beyond its design.

In another Instagram post, McEntyre expanded on the super personal meaning behind the dress, explaining that she created it as an expression and celebration of her heritage:

Like most things that go viral on the Internet, McEntyre and her dress have gotten some haters, but she shut them down directly, writing: “This is for always being labeled as, ‘ugly’ or ‘angry’. Thank God, stereotypes are just opinions.” (Her hashtags are also super on point: #blackgirlsrock #prom2k15 #promqueen #queen #kyebreaktheinternet #newgeneration #youth #women)

More and more, teens are challenging and reshaping mainstream definitions of beauty, self-expression, and self-love, and in the process, they’re totally flipping traditional teen story narratives. These kids are far from lost and confused about their prospects and their desires: They know what they want, and they’re creating their own paths to achieving those wants. We are here for McEntyre, her dress, and the passion and thought that went into it and shines through it.

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