These hand-painted floral ornaments will give your Christmas tree secret garden vibes

The holiday season is certainly magical, but it can also be stress-inducing. There’s extra pressure to attend parties, buy and wrap presents, and even something as joyful as baking often becomes a chore. The best way to spread Christmas cheer should be self-care. If something feels overwhelming, take a few extra breaths and remind yourself it doesn’t have to be perfect. Perhaps skip buying presents this year and do something relaxing, like painting a gift.

These hand-painted floral ornaments would be the perfect craft to allow yourself to do something fun for the holidays. Painting is a relaxing activity and if you start crafting a few gifts, you won’t even notice that you’re crossing something off your holiday to-do list.

Even if you still can’t manage to find the time to DIY—check out the video below. There’s something about watching a beautiful craft come together the drowns out that extra noise.

Hand-painted Floral Ornaments


Acrylic paints
Paint brush


1. Decide on a floral design you would like to emulate.
2. Paint petals and leaves first and let dry.
3. Paint the center of the flowers and stems.

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