Han Solo is ready to give us an early tour of “Star Wars” Land

If you’ve ever wanted to travel to a galaxy far, far away, but it’s more feasible to really travel to Anaheim, California or Orlando, Florida, your dreams are about to become reality. Why? Because a galaxy far, far away is coming to Disney parks and we’re about to get a look inside of what that world will look like. In an upcoming Wonderful World of Disney special, none other than Harrison Ford himself (AKA Han Solo) is going to give us an early look inside Star Wars Land, which is sure to be a magical Force-filled place where our Jedi dreams come true.

Though no announcements have been made about when Star Wars land will open (in either Disneyland or Disney World), preparations have already begun in a big way. Both parks have slowly started shutting down existing attractions to make way for the Millennium Falcon. So far, a few things inside the land — described by Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger, as “one of the last ports before wild space” — have been hinted at, but nothing has been truly confirmed.

For Disneyland’s 60th birthday celebration this year (HBD, DLand!), there will be a special episode of The Wonderful World of Disney. In it, everyone’s favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder, Han Solo, is going to give us the first-ever grand tour of our new favorite vacation destination. The special, which will air on ABC on February 21, promises “new details… revealed for the lands.”

(Warning: The Force Awakens spoilers ahead — but like, we’ve all SEEN Force Awakens right now, right? Except for you, Natalie Portman.) It’s super sweet that even though Han Solo isn’t going to be able to play a huge role in the future Star Wars movies, Harrison Ford is still in the Star Wars mix. Han Solo might be gone, but never forgotten, obviously.

So go ahead, and clear your evening for February 21. This is something you’re not going to want to miss.

(Image via Lucasfilm)

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