We might have just learned that Han Solo’s infamous Kessel Run is happening in the “Star Wars” prequel

Since taking over as director of the still untitled Young Han Solo movie at the end of June, Ron Howard has been sharing *tiny* behind-the-scenes clues from the set of the film on Twitter. We’ve caught glimpses of the actors on the monitor and quick looks at wardrobe, but Howard’s latest tweet may have just revealed something major about the upcoming film.

By now, you’ve all heard of the Millennium Falcon — you know, the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

Most Star Wars fans understand the Kessel Run to be one of Han Solo’s greatest achievements in life, which is why Howard’s latest tweet might just hint that the infamous Kessel Run is happening in the prequel.

While at a first glimpse, the photo looks like a doorway to an elevator, most fans know that this could only be one thing: the entrance to the spice mines of Kessel. So what does this mine have to do with our hero Han Solo?

For casual Star Wars fans and newbies who may not be aware, the Kessel Run is the route used by smugglers.

They use the route to deliver the illegal drug spice from the spice mines of Kessel to their customers across the galaxy. The route itself is pretty complicated, making Han Solo’s infamous Kessel Run something of a legend.

Don’t worry, Han knows it, too.


The untitled Han Solo film has already confirmed that it will follow Han as he transitions from lowly smuggler to captain of the Millennium Falcon and…smuggler for Jabba the Hutt. We already know we’re going to see Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) lose the Falconto Han — plus, Chewie becoming his BFF and companion — so it only makes sense to see the Kessel Run happen in all its glory.

But we’ll find out if Howard gave us the reveal of a lifetime or proved to be the ultimate Twitter troll when the film hits theaters in May.

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