Hamster Steals iPhone Case To Use As A Tiny Sleeping Bag

This post was written by Stephen Messenger on The Dodo.

The latest trend in smartphone holders might seem a bit too cutesy to be practical, but at least this cozy little rodent doesn’t seem to mind. According to RocketNews24, mini mattress-shaped carrying cases are the hot item among iPhone owners in Japan—though given the nation’s obsession with all-things hamsters, it was only a matter of time before the two came together in a collision of cuteness.

Twitter user maimai unleashed an awww-storm this week after uploading a photo of her furry pet napping in the place where her phone normally sleeps.

Within days, more than 30,000 people retweeted and favorited the heavy-lidded hamster photo, but not everyone was so easily won over. After several incredulous online critics blasted maimai for staging the sleeping scene, she was forced to prove that it was indeed the hamster’s idea.

Maimai followed up the original tweet with these shots taken beforehand.


Now that the matter is squarely settled, it’s time to go back into sleep mode.


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