Is this hamster who dressed up like Pennywise from “It” adorable, or terrifying?

So, it turns out that Pennywise can still be scary even when he’s cute. That’s the lesson we’ve learned after seeing a hamster dressed as Pennywise from It, also known as Hammywise. Sure, Halloween might be over, but there’s always time to look at cute animals dressed up in costumes. Because really, if you haven’t bookmarked at least one roundup of the best dog Halloween costumes, then was there even a point in having Halloween at all?

It turns out, some people prefer terrifying clowns like Pennywise to adorable dogs dressed up as hot dogs. But the great thing about the internet is that there’s something for everyone here. If you like both cute fuzzy creatures and scary movies like It, then you’re also in luck. Because apparently, you can purchase tiny Pennywise masks for hamsters. And it’s a confusing combination of adorable and horrifying.

In case you somehow managed to glide through Halloween without ever encountering an image of Pennywise, you must be forewarned. That’s because this clown is so creepy-looking that not even setting his dance moves to a Lady Gaga song can make him less scary. Yes, this clown is so creepy-looking that he has the power to turn people against even the friendliest of clowns, Ronald McDonald.

We’re talking major levels of creepiness here. Just look at him for yourself.

Yes, Pennywise is that creepy! Luckily, this video of a hamster dressed up as Pennywise isn’t quite as terrifying. And it may even be cute?

It’s creepy for the first 13 seconds, then it gets horrifyingly adorable!

“Hammywise’s” owner posted details about the video on Facebook, revealing that the tiny Pennywise mask was purchased at a toy store in Suntec, Singapore. Aw, now it’s kind of cute when you think about it. That little tiny mask? So precious.

Much cuter than the movie, that’s for sure.

Whether you think Hammywise is cute or you’re still terrified by any iteration of an evil clown, the good news is that Halloween is over and you won’t have to see It posters around anymore.

Well, until the sequel, that is. *shudder*