Hamilton may be coming to movie theaters soon, so you won’t need $400 to see it

Hamilton, the musical, is already three years old and yet tickets are still wildly unaffordable. For many of us, our only hope of “seeing” the show is streaming the soundtrack and pretending we’re there. But wait, Hamilton might be coming to movie theaters. We’re not talking about a film adaptation (though that’ll probably happen one day), we’re talking about a filmed recording of Lin-Manuel Miranda and the original Broadway cast performing the show onstage in New York.

The Wall Street Journal first reported that Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox are in a bidding war for rights to distribute the filmed version of a 2016 performance. If this all works out, the thing you’ll see onscreen at the movie theater will be exactly what Broadway audiences saw in 2016. The taped performance will star Miranda in the titular role along with other original cast members like Leslie Odom Jr., Daveed Diggs, Jonathan Groff, and Phillipa Soo.

According to a recent Ticketmaster listing, Hamilton tickets still start at $400, but a movie theater ticket is less than $20, which is fantastic news for the many fans who intuitively love the musical but still haven’t seen it.

In 2015, Miranda excitedly told Vulture.com, that “filmmakers have been coming to the show,” which is where he got the idea to tape a live Broadway performance.

They filmed a performance in June 2016 (a month before Miranda retired from his role), and since then the musical theater icon has been sitting on the footage. Though, hopefully, not for much longer.

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