The “Hamilton” cast honored International Women’s Day by donating their salaries to charity

Yesterday, people everywhere celebrated the wonder and power of womanhood. And the cast of the Broadway juggernaut, Hamilton, decided to support women by donating to a charity that helps women.

The cast – men and women alike – donated their performance salaries to the international charity Dress for Success.

Dress for Success helps women enter the workforce by providing nice clothing, helpful tools, and a powerful network of support. One of their goals is to help women achieve financial independence through gainful employment. And we know that Hamilton is all about independence. So it seems like a perfect fit.

A flyer was included in the evening’s program to let theatergoers know that their ticket proceeds were also going to a good cause.

The donation is a major message to women’s advocate groups that Hamilton proudly stands by women’s rights. To give up an entire night’s pay is incredibly inspiring.

The cast stepped up again beyond that donation. After the performance, they had their female crew members, who all rocked red feminist shirts, join cast members onstage.

And the men stepped back as the women stood proudly hand in hand while they took bows.

It was a beautiful sight on so many levels.

Of course, Hamilton creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is already a huge advocate for women’s rights. He’s raised tons of money for Planned Parenthood, an organization his mother sits on the Action Fund for.

For a show that has already broken down so many diversity barriers and basically redefined Broadway, this seems like a most appropriate and perfect statement.