The “Hamilton” Cast OWNS the mannequin challenge with #Hammequin

Okay, literally EVERYONE is doing the mannequin challenge, and now it’s even reached Broadway. The cast of Hamilton presented the #Hammequin Challenge for Tuesday’s #Ham4Ham. (#Ham4Ham is the cast’s free sidewalk performances they do outside Hamilton used to do each day.)

Beginning with a diddle on the melodica by Hamilton Music Director Alex Lacamoire, the camera pans the entire cast, frozen in various, umm, activities.

Nicholas shaves.

Voltaire holds Karla’s leg in the sexiest dang mannequin pose we’ve seen.

Mandy blinks like a robot.

Andrew takes a selfie.

Anthony dabs.

Jasmine ends it all with a cry of “and Peggy.”

We die.

Of course the most theatrical of viral internet challenges gets OWNED by Broadway.

In case you’re living in the dark ages, Hamilton is the story of America’s Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. The show blends hip-hop, jazz, blues, rap, R&B, and Broadway to tell Hamilton’s inspiring story, and uses a multi-racial cast to portray America’s beginnings.

Hamilton is everything. And this cast is all of us.

Just when we thought we’d seen enough of the #mannequinchallenge, we get this video, of which we cannot get enough.

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