Halsey *probably* had the best Women’s March squad — here’s proof

There was so much good to be had at the Women’s March this past weekend. One thing that really impacted us was seeing so many of our celebrity favorites marching together. There’s just something so empowering about knowing that the people we really do look up to and admire care about important issues just like we do! While there were many amazing bonds at the Women’s March, we’re definitely digging Halsey’s Women’s March squad, which featured many familiar and beloved faces.

We have SO MUCH FOMO right now, but we’re also feeling major solidarity with these rad folks. It really does mean a lot to us to know these amazing icons took time out of their busy schedules to march alongside us.

Like, check out Halsey’s women’s march squad. Excuse me, is that Hari Nef?! Yeah, we’re freaking out.


Halsey captioned the photo,

"look cute and fight injustice"

We’re also gonna go ahead and assume that Halsey and Katy Perry hung out at some point during the event, because she tagged Katy in this precious photo of their boots.


She explained,

"these boots are made 4 marchin"

Also, Halsey hung out with our beloved Evan Rachel Wood, and it was everything and more.


Evan Rachel Wood captioned the photo,

"#biconic power. #halsey #womensmarchonwashington ✌"

And we’re giggling because both incredible women are bisexual, making this caption punny AF.

And, of course, Evan Rachel Wood traveled with a squad of her own.


As did Hari Nef, who traveled with pals including the ever-popular Troye Sivan.


Halsey also nabbed this rad shot of the Women’s March crowd, and we’re still buzzing with empowerment.


Too, her photo caption gave us major chills. Halsey wrote,

"History has its eyes on you."

Nothing but solidarity all around.