Halsey’s fans called her out when she made a mistake — and she’s so grateful to have them

Things we know and love about electro-pop singer Halsey: Her songs set us on fire (in a good way). She’s raw and unfiltered. And she considers herself a socially-conscious artist. 

So, it makes sense that fans were puzzled and angered by Halsey’s recent remarks in The Guardian where she defended Migos artist Quavo, one of her collaborators on her new album. Quavo had made controversial remarks about rapper MC Makonnen in a Rolling Stone interview after the Atlanta/Portland-artist came out as gay. It’s safe to say Halsey found herself in a bit of hot water over her defense.

So, what does an artist do in that position? Halsey owned up to her mistake and thanked her fans for holding her accountable.

Quavo is one of many collaborators on Halsey’s new album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

After his remarks had been published, Halsey told The Guardian the following:

I think he’s misunderstood… Just because I choose to be a socially conscious artist, and I’m pretty good at it, that doesn’t mean every artist is going to be equipped to be politically correct. I don’t think he’s inherently homophobic, I think he’s in a tough place of trying to explain what he means. I agree his apology was bullshit but I can’t police everybody.

Yah, we kinda had the same reaction?

When confronted by fans, Halsey admitted to collaborating with Quavo on her song “Lie” before knowing about his comments. (Oops!) What’s more, she identifies herself as queer and has worked tirelessly to support marginalized communities. So, again, her response is sort of baffling and requires a bit more clarification. Luckily, the singer decided to be open about her decision on Twitter.

When Twitter user @austinjrandall asked her why she’d defended the rapper (and his horrible remarks) when a large portion of her fan-base is LGBT, Halsey owned up to her mistake.

She thanked her fans for holding her accountable for her comments and for having these important conversations.

We know how difficult it can be to admit when you’re wrong, so we appreciate the fact that Halsey willing to openly engage fans on such an important issue. More so, we love that Halsey isn’t just listening to her fans, but encouraging them to speak up — even, and especially, to her.

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