Everyone needs to stop asking Halsey (and anyone else) if she’s pregnant

We thought “don’t ask a woman if she’s pregnant” was a cardinal rule, but apparently not everyone else thinks so. Paparazzi recently snapped a photo of Halsey and her boyfriend Evan Peters that led fans and media outlets to implore if Halsey is expecting. Well, no. She’s not. And that’s honestly very rude for anyone to ask.


In the photo in question, Peters has his hand on Halsey’s stomach, which people immediately took as a sign for “aw, my growing child is in there.” Weird, we know. But we also know that tabloids love to make stories out of nothing.

It turns out that Halsey was just suffering from mild stomach upset after eating pancakes. The girl’s allergic to gluten, and anyone who is allergic to gluten knows that the bloat is real post-pancakes/anything with gluten in it.

Halsey took to Twitter to clear up the rumors. “Is it a boy? Is it a girl? It’s pancakes.” That’s about as relatable of a tweet as it gets.

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first time Halsey has had to shoot down baby rumors. Why do we want her to become a mother so badly?

Obviously, Halsey isn’t the only celebrity to be at the center of pregnancy rumors. In fact, it seems as though most women in Hollywood get pinned with pregnancy at least once in their career. And it’s so strange that this phenomenon hasn’t been labeled inappropriate yet.

Spreading pregnancy rumors may seem harmless, but in reality, it can do so much damage to a person’s mental health.

It’s so bizarre to ask anyone if they’re pregnant—who knows what that question can do to someone’s self-confidence? Did they ask because I gained weight? Do I look pregnant? Furthermore, we don’t have any idea what this question can do to a woman who may struggle with infertility or who may have secretly struggled with pregnancy loss in her past.

Luckily, Halsey doesn’t seem too fazed by this round of pregnancy rumors. In fact, she turned the gossip into an opportunity for humor (again).

But on behalf of the rest of womankind (as well as anyone else who can become pregnant), we ask for unwanted pregnancy rumors, comments, and gossip to cease. If someone’s pregnant and happy about it, they’ll likely let the world know. Or, they may announce they indulged in the pancake special at the local diner. Let either announcement be their own to make.

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