Halsey clapped back at internet trolls who criticized her natural hair

In today’s “this really shouldn’t be news, but it is” moment, Halsey had to take time out of being a singer, songwriter, and activist to silence internet trolls who tried to shame her natural curls. Because in 2018, total strangers still offer totally unwanted opinions on what women choose to do with their hair.

Thanks to wigs, the singer has been switching up her look for the past year while she patiently grew out a buzz cut. This past weekend, she gave the wigs a rest, and dropped a photo that put her curls on full and fluffy display. The photo caption read, “New growth, new; all these fades I outgrew.” While Halsey’s hair texture may not mirror everyone’s who has natural hair, growing out your hair is rarely an easy feat.

Many of her fans were here for her hair reveal, with one Instagram user sympathizing with the hair growth struggle by commenting, “Took me a year to get my hair to this length, I’m in love with this look.”


In typical internet fashion, not everyone was a fan of Halsey’s new look, even though that’s the way her hair naturally sprouts from her scalp.


Some Twitter trolls went as far as to call her hair “nappy,” made cultural appropriation jokes (despite Halsey’s mixed-race heritage), or insinuated that her curls were in fact a wig.

For all of the trash comments, Halsey’s response was pretty gracious.


And she went on to post an adorable childhood photo of her very real head of curls as a young girl, where she also left a message for her haters to “Stay mad.”

The takeaway here is that whether wig, extensions, natural or processed, her and every woman’s hair is none of the internet’s business.

Take that, trolls.

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