Halsey gave us a glimpse of her natural curls, and more of this, please

Halsey is never afraid of trying a bold hair look. We’ve seen her rock nearly every shade of the rainbow, literally, from vibrant red to platinum blonde and basically everything in between. But we’re also major fans of her natural hair, so we were stoked to see her showing off those gorgeous natural curls in a selfie on Instagram.

She posted a photo of her stunning, dark brown cropped cut on Thursday, December 12th, in a vintage-inspired selfie, which she captioned “strawberry fields,” of course adding the requisite strawberry emoji. We have a feeling The Beatles themselves would be proud—you know, if Instagram existed back in the ’60s.

Along with the vintage Beatles tee, printed sweater, and throwback accessories, fans immediately took notice of Halsey’s head of flawless curls, taking to the comments section to praise her for showing them off proudly. And we have to agree. We love any hair look she tries, but sometimes, it’s all about embracing those natural vibes in all their glory.

Check out the pic here, and try not to swoon too hard over Halsey’s natural hair. The curls!


Halsey has always been open about the importance of showing off her natural texture. Back in 2018, she openly discussed her experiences as a “white-passing” biracial woman, specifically relating to her hair. She addressed accusations of wearing a wig and cultural appropriation after she posed for photos with her natural hair texture, reminding followers and fans that she—as well as any other woman—is free to wear their hair naturally if she chooses.

She also took aim at the hotel industry for their lack of inclusive hair products, opening up a conversation about the fact that hotel toiletries often completely ignore the needs of Black hair. We admire her always for using her platform to tackle these issues, as well as embracing her natural texture whenever she so chooses.

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